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AXOS – A true friend

A true friend is there for you when you really need one. He joins in with the work, and does not ask too many questions. The whole family has trust in his strengths as he becomes an indispensable companion and support. Everyone agrees: Things do not work without him.

A true friend is reliable and uncomplicated. Everyone finds it easy to get on with him. He joins in everything: with agility, flexibility, stamina and patience. He is full of energy and ready for action. Every day.

The AXOS from CLAAS.

The smaller a tractor is, the more flexible it has to be. Particularly in power ranges of up to 100 hp, a farmer requires a compact machine which can handle all the work encountered on the farm.

In this regard, we have built a tractor which has benefited in its development from all the expertise and experience our company has to offer. We know what is required on farms, have listened to farmers and drivers and converted their demands into meaningful solutions. You too will be inspired by the result.

One for all, the ARION 400

In developing the ARION 400, CLAAS has met the challenge of adapting the technology of the top performance classes to meet the requirements of farmers with smaller farms: proven technology in a compact, modern design in conjunction with premiumrange comfort and ergonomics.

A long wheelbase, optimal weight distribution and perfect coordination of the engine and transmission are just some of the benefits of the CLAAS Tractor Concept that give CLAAS its crucial edge over the competition.

·         DPS 4-cylinder engines

·         Common rail injection system

·         Turbocharger and internal exhaust gas recirculation

·         Max. output 95–125 hp to ECE R 24 standard

·         10-hp boost for PTO work in CIS variant

·         QUADRISHIFT powershift transmission with QUADRACTIV automatic shifting

·         Up to four spool valves (two mechanical and two electronic via joystick)

Maximum hydraulic flow 98 l/min

ARION 600/500 – New rules up to 175 hp

Unique comfort.

The CLAAS comfort concept is one of the great strengths of the ARION series and makes your work as comfortable as possible.

Enormous versatility.

Best example: the top model, ARION 640. Where necessary, it can achieve an output of up to 175 hp, thanks to the CPM Powerboost. Power reserves which open up many new application options.

High efficiency.

The highly developed engines in the ARION series, the advanced transmission technology and the tractive power concept are the best basis for extremely economical and efficient work.

Three Ranges between 112 and 175 hp.

With the ARION series, CLAAS is also implementing fresh ideas in the middle performance class. The models cover a large power range and meet the various demands of a typical working day.

For example, are you looking for a versatile 4-cylinder tractor? Then the ARION 500 series is the one for you. Or is there more of a need for a 6-cylinder? Then the ARION 600 is definitely your first choice.

And for those for whom comfort and operation are not the top priorities, there is an economical alternative: the ARION 600C. There is a separate brochure available for the ARION 600C which contains a lot more information and interesting details.

AXION – Only those who know the rules, can break them.

As the leading manufacturer of harvesting machinery, CLAAS only knows too well what’s important in agriculture. Highest possible comfort, enormous versatility, intelligent technologies and, last but not least, high economic efficiency – these are the deciding factors that count.

In all of these areas CLAAS has always set new standards and defined new rules. It’ll remain like this in future. The AXION is the perfect example of this. A tractor with impressive performance features and qualities. Available as an option with CMATIC, a new, continuously variable transmission model, which impresses with particularly high comfort.

The new comfort.
In the only 4-point full-suspension cab on the market, everything is straightforward, functional and ergonomically designed. The multifunction armrest with DRIVESTICK and the CEBIS terminal allow all functions to the comfort of his cab. Optimum sound insulation, intuitive light control and automatic air conditioning ensure optimum working conditions.

The new versatility.
The name AXION represents a tractor concept which is not limited to a single application, such as field work or road travel. The optimum wheel base of 2.98 m, the minimum overall length and the freely selectable ballasting of up to 2.9 t make a significant contribution to this. Add to it the enormous lifting capacity and CLAAS performance data never witnessed before: 600 rpm constant power range, 43 % torque increase and up to 35 hp additional power reserve.

The new intelligence.
A single tractor is not worth much. Only in combination with implements can you use the AXION to its full potential. Thanks to intelligent, advanced technology. No matter whether it’s baling, mowing, ploughing, stubble tillage, sowing or transport.

The new efficiency.
You profit from fuel-saving boost technology. Where others guzzle fuel, the engine takes only what it needs for the actual output performed. Add to this engine technology that not only satisfies new emissions standards, but also reduces fuel consumption. Furthermore, automatic devices help to optimise the working speed. In doing so, the engine remains economical because it always operates in the ideal speed range.

Xerion – Master of all trades, powerfull intelligence

XERION 3800/3300
If you wish to remain competitive, you need to operate productively. Because productivity creates success, and success creates growth. Your partner to meet all these challenges head-on: the XERION from CLAAS. Wherever area output, productivity and economic efficiency are in demand, you can count on it.
Today, the XERION is a well-established figure in the market.
So come and find out more about it. It’ll definitely be worth it.

A 4×4 tractor is not just powerful. It doesn’t just pull any old thing. It has to be able to do almost everything. Be flexible and agile. Satisfy even the highest of demands. XERION 5000/4500
This is the XERION 5000/4500. The successful combination of power and intelligence. Inextricably linked. We call this Powerful intelligence.

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